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How to make your own Charlie the Cat hand puppet

Grab a quiet hour to yourself and let the kids get stuck in. They could even make a selection of animals and choreograph their very own musical extravaganza!

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Suitable for: Beginners

Time to allow: About one hour

You will need:


How to make

1. Enlarge the template to your required size (making sure it will be big enough to wear), then use it to cut out two body and tail pieces from orange felt.

2. Using brown felt, cut out different sized triangles for the stripes and glue onto one side of both the body and tail.

3. Sew the front and back body pieces together with small running stitches (plain sides together so you can still see the stripes). Make sure you leave the bottom end open so your hand will fit. 

4. Do the same as above with the tail pieces, then stuff with toy filling.

5. Glue or stitch the stuffed tail to the bottom right hand side of the body.

6. Cut out two feet from white foam and glue to the front of the body as per the image above.

7. Cut out a tongue from red foam. Draw a line down the centre using a ruler and black permanent pen, then paint a small white line next to it. Apply glue to the top edge of the tongue only and stick to the front of your puppet about halfway down.

8. Cut out the cheeks from white foam and the nose from black. Paint a small white line onto the nose to add a highlight. Glue the cheeks onto the front of your puppet so they just cover the top of the tongue. Then glue the nose on top of the cheeks. Use the picture as a guide.

9. Cut short lengths of black chenille stems and glue either side of the nose on top of the cheeks to form whiskers.

10. Stick on the wobbly eyes.

11. Cut out two ears from orange felt and two inner ears from pink foam. Glue the inner ears onto the outer ears and stick to back of the head at the top.


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