Create themed party pots

Looking for a little something to spruce up a birthday party? These themed flowerpots are lots of fun to make and the DC can get involved too.  

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Suitable for: Beginners

Time to allow: Allow from 10 minutes (depends how optimistic you're feeling)

You will need (for all):

Design a pirate flowerpot

You'll need: a clay pot, a black paint marker, acrylic paint, tissue paper

1. Paint the flowerpot with two coats of acrylic paint - leaving to dry in between coats. 

2. Decorate with strips of tissue paper, using thinned PVA to glue into place - don't worry about air bubbles as they'll dry flat! 

3. Glue on pieces of tissue paper to form the boat, sails and flags. You can add more detail with the black paint marker.  

4. Leave to dry and voila! 

How to make dangly pirate figures

You'll need: stick-on eyes, wool, a black pen

1. Cut out a body and head shape from the card and glue together. You can then add clothes and hair to the figure using coloured pieces of paper and glue. 

2. Create facial features with the black pen and outline the whole figure to make it stand out. 

3. Turn the figure over and use sticky tape to attach three short drinking straws (cut to size) horizontally - making sure you can't see them from the other side.

4. Cut lengths of wool for the limbs and door loop (as long and dangly as you want!) and thread them through each straw. 

5. Then cut little feet and hands from the card and glue these onto the ends of the wool. 

6. Don't forget the wobbly eyes!

How to make pirates on sticks

You'll need: a dowel, a black pen, stick-on eyes

1. Draw a pirate shape and/or flag onto card, add features and cut out. 

2. Decorate how you like with patterned paper-scraps and wobbly eyes. 

3. Place a bead of glue on the back, push a dowel into each and leave to dry. 

How to make paper flowers

You'll need: tissue paper circles, chenille stems, pom-poms, beads

1. Fold four tissue circles in half, then in half again. 

2. Cut a curved 'V' shape from the outer edge, keeping clear of the folds and stopping 1cm from the tip. Open the sheets and arrange so that the centres align.

3. Twist a pom-pom onto one end of a chenille stem and push the other end through the centre of the petal sheets. 

4. Hold together by threading a bead onto the other side of the chenille and push up tightly towards the 'petals'. Secure with a dot of glue using a peg to hold the bead in place whilst the glue dries. 


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