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How to make an Easter cow card

Toast the start of spring with this cute cow card, which is beautifully detailed but surprisingly easy to make. Follow our simple instructions to make your own - text and greeting card toppers are available in stores or online.

easter cow card

You will need

  • Blank card
  • Selection of coloured card, including three shades of green
  • Felt cow and flower toppers
  • Easter greeting topper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil or felt tip pens

How to make

  1. Take three shades of green card and cut a rectangle the same width as the blank card from each. Make each rectangle slightly shorter than the last.
  2. Using scissors, cut vertical slits along one long edge of each green card, to form the stems of grass.
  3. Line up the uncut edge of the tallest green card with the bottom of the blank card and glue into place. Stick the mid-height card on top of this, then the shortest.
  4. Cut a circle from the yellow card, and stick over the top right corner of the card. Cut off any overhang.
  5. Place and secure your chosen toppers onto the card.
  6. Use a pencil or felt tip pen to draw the stems of the flowers. 


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