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How to make pumpkin finger puppets

These super cute pumpkin finger puppets are great to make with the help of little hands. Create a whole pumpkin family by cutting out slightly different sized and shaped pumpkins and giving them each their own personality with different facial features cut from black felt.

finger puppets

Suitable for: Beginners

Time to allow: 30 minutes plus drying time to make one pumpkin

You'll need:

  • Orange, green and black felt sheets
  • Tacky or fabric glue
  • Scissors


How to make

  1. Start by cutting two identical oval shapes (one will be the back, and the other the front), this will form the body of the pumpkin
  2. Cut two triangles and a smiley face out of black felt, position on the front of your pumpkin and stick in place using tacky glue
  3. Cut a stork out of the green felt, stick this to the centre top of the back piece of felt, so that it sits between the front and back pieces of orange felt
  4. Lay the back piece of your felt on top of the table and run a line of tacky glue around the edge (make sure to leave a gap at the bottom to allow space for your fingers!)
  5. Place the front of your puppet on top, lining the front and back up so that there are no overlapping areas
  6. Leave to dry





Last updated: over 3 years ago