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NOW CLOSED: Win a REBO tennis practice wall worth over £1000!

Judy Murray book comp

Tennis mum extraordinaire, Judy Murray, has written her amazing memoir about life on and off the court. To celebrate, we are giving you the chance to win a REBO wall and a copy of her book 'Knowing the Score'

‘Children learn by example. They are inspired by what they see. You can do all the training drills you want, but it will never replace the emotional landscape that is created by play.’ Judy Murray

As mother to tennis World #1 champions Andy and Jamie Murray, Scottish National Coach, coach of the women’s Fed Cup, and general all-round can-do woman of wonder, Judy Murray is an inspiration who has revolutionised British tennis.

Her extraordinary memoir, Knowing the Score, charts the challenges she has faced, from desperate finances to entrenched sexism.

In the early days, Judy had to invent things to do for two active boys without spending a fortune. She discovered that you can do quite a lot with very little, as long as you have enthusiasm, imagination and a role model.

You have the chance of winning a hardback copy of Judy's memoir as well as an inflatable ‘Speed’ REBO wall; a high quality free-standing rebound practice wall for ball sports worth £1,194.

REBO walls create a realistic upward ball trajectory and can be inflated in minutes, easily packed down and moved. Perfect for a garden or driveway, a REBO wall means you and your children can play and practice tennis whenever you want, without the need for a partner, tennis court or expensive club membership.

Order your copy of Knowing the Score here.