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Tired of food going to waste before you’ve had a chance to prepare it? Get the lowdown on keeping your food fresher for longer, plus enter our competition for a chance to win a Haier Cube Series fridge freezer worth £1399

The Haier Fresher Diaries

Incorrect food storage is one of the main reasons for food wastage in the UK, and having your fridge set to the wrong temperature could be to blame for your food going off quicker than it should.

Luckily for us, Haier, the number one brand in home appliances worldwide, is putting the focus firmly back on food freshness with the launch of a brand new, state-of-the-art cooling range.

With its latest ‘Fresher Diaries’ campaign and integrated Fresher Techs Solutions, Haier is on a mission to show you some simple ways to reduce your household waste and ensure your weekly food shop goes further – saving you some pennies in the process! Fresh food

Haier teamed up with three parenting and lifestyle bloggers (Who’s The Mummy, Diary of the Dad and A Nose for Food) to set them the ‘Fresher Diaries’ challenge.

The aim was to highlight the foods each blogger was wasting and what they could be storing differently to avoid unnecessary waste.

Each blogger kept a diary of their fridge habits over a week, looking at how they stored their food, what they used and what they threw away and the results definitely caused a few surprises!

It was found that between them they were losing anywhere from £140 to £547 a year on unnecessary food waste – the majority of which was caused by inefficient storage.

Luckily Haier, along with the team at Love Food Hate Waste, were on hand to provide personalised hints and tips on how to reduce wastage, and turn the bloggers in to the ultimate food storage heroes!

See how the bloggers got on below, or follow their full ‘Fresher Diaries’ journeys over on their blogs:

Keeping food fresher for longer

Here are three of Haier’s top tips for keeping food fresh:

1. Storing bread in the fridge can actually make it go stale up to six times faster. Instead, store it in a cool, dry place such as a bread bin or cupboard and freeze what you won’t use immediately – this is especially good for toast which you can pop straight in to the toaster from frozen.

2. To make spinach leaves last longer, fold up a piece of kitchen roll and pop it into the bag, before sealing the top with a bag clip. The kitchen roll should absorb any unwanted moisture and help to extend the leaves' freshness by a couple of days.

3. Fresh herbs can go off quickly in the fridge but provide just as much flavour if you use them from frozen. Simply divide the leaves up, place them into ice cube trays and use them as and when you need them in soups, stews and sauces.

For more food freshness tips, check out Haier's Facebook page here.

Lock in the freshness with Haier

Haier’s new range of fridge freezers contain the brand’s unique Fresher Techs Solutions.

These latest innovations ensure that foods are stored in their ideal conditions to retain their freshness and taste, using special temperature-controlled zones to give you the ultimate flexibility.

Haeir fridge The new Cube Series: HTF-610DM7 fridge freezer contains an extensive range of these zones, including:

• MyZone – a built-in compartment with a complete temperature control system which allows you to alternate between using this section as an instant chiller or freezer without comprising the rest of the fridge by varying the temperature between -3, 0, and 2 degrees. This can be used to store all kinds of food but is particularly effective for chilling drinks quickly, or for things like fish and shell fish.

• Dry and Humidity Zones – innovative humidity zones regulate and maintain the optimum humidity and moisture levels (90%) required for fresh fruit and vegetables. The dry zone area can reduce humidity within the dedicated compartment to below 45% – perfect for storing things like cheeses. With this feature, the shelf life of fresh foods can be extended from anywhere between four and seven days.

• Switch Zone – turn part of your freezer into a fridge (+5 degrees) or keep it as a freezer (-20 degrees). Great if you’re planning a party and need some extra space to store things temporarily!

Check out the full Haier range here.

For your chance to win a Haier Cube Series (RRP £1,399) to keep your food fresher for longer, simply answer the question below.

This competition will close on 29th August 2017.

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