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Allen Carr's Easyway Smart Phone, Dumb Phone

Are you concerned about your or a loved one's tech use? A leading authority on addiction, Allen Carr’s Easyway has released a new title, Smart Phone, Dumb Phone, addressing the modern-day issue of managing unhealthy technology habits and digital addiction. The publisher is giving Mumnset users the chance to win one of 10 copies of the book. Read on to find out more and to enter the competition

It’s a condition that is becoming increasingly common, yet society has been slow in recognising the threat it poses. Our ever-increasing dependence on digital devices has also resulted in unprecedented levels of stress, anxiety, isolation, procrastination and sleep issues.

What are the signs of digital addiction?

The average adult spends nearly 10 hours a day looking at digital screens: phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and/or televisions.

We have come to regard this as normal, but for many people the digital world they are living in has become obsessive and compulsive, taking over real life and posing serious health risks. These come not just in the form of mental health problems and the destruction of relationships but also issues such as obesity, sleep deprivation and serious eye strain – which have all been linked to excessive screen use.

The fact is, digital technology is remoulding our brains and turning us into addicts, with the same tell-tale symptoms as more established addictions:

  • Inability to control use
  • Interference with other aspects of life (work and relationships)
  • Loss of interest in other activities (sport, sex and socialising)
  • Secrecy and deceit
  • Impatience, irritation and misery when interrupted
  • Inability to concentrate
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What does the book offer?

The Easyway programme covers all elements of digital/tech addiction from different kinds of social media, messenger groups (eg Snapchat, WhatsApp and Viber), simple phone-based online games, gaming consoles, serious online gaming, to everyday email and text message overload.

Using the world-renowned Easyway method, this book enables the reader to successfully escape the addictive trap of digital addiction. Whether you’re simply concerned about your tech use, struggling to limit it, trying to set a good example to your children or in deep despair as a result of digital addiction, this book is for you.

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