The taste of summer with Kinder Ice Cream

Family picnic

Nothing feels like summer more than enjoying an ice cream with your children on a long, hot day. Whether you're on the beach, playing in a park or enjoying the paddling pool in your own garden, you can relive some of your most cherished childhood memories with Kinder Ice Cream.

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A summer full of memories

Family in the summer Who can forget the excitement that came with the last day of school? The oh-so-satisfying knowledge that you had weeks of freedom stretched out in front of you? Days and days of glorious fun and sunshine. The perfect opportunity to make some unforgettable memories.

From ice creams in Devon to attempting and failing to fry eggs on the pavement, Mumsnet users have been taking a stroll down memory lane and recalling their most nostalgic summer moments from childhood. Here are just a few of them …

“I still remember a seagull swooping down and stealing my mum's ice cream in Devon one summer. We all found it hilarious (my mum, not so much).”

“I was lucky enough to grow up on the Isle of Wight, so summers were perfect as we were never far from the beach. My brother and I would just run off and play on our rubber rings (the must-have toy every summer), build sandcastles and pester mum for an ice cream. I just remember it as a really carefree, happy time. We live a long way from the coast now, but I really treasure those memories.”

“Summer of '76: the heatwave. There were news reports of people frying eggs on cars and pavements. We tried it ourselves on the bonnet of dad's car. He was not pleased.”

“We always used to go on narrow boat holidays. There was this one special lock with a triangle house, it took you from one river to another. Whilst going up in this lock my dad would always jump off and buy me and my sister an ice cream.”

“Making dens in the back garden out of the clothes horses and some picnic blankets. My brother and I pretending we were part of the Famous Five having our own adventures. Eating every meal possible outside.”

The sweet taste of summer

Those childhood moments may be past, but who says you can't create new ones now? From a picnic at the park to building sandcastles on the beach; whatever you have planned – all it takes is a bit of sunshine and something cool and delicious to turn a good summer into an unforgettable one.

Thankfully, Kinder can help you do just that. They've entered the world of ice cream with two tasty treats for families to choose from – the delicious Kinder Ice Cream Stick and the convenient Kinder Ice Cream Sandwich – bringing to Kinder fans the carefree, summer feeling that ice cream stirs up. Both come in small portion sizes, are made with 40% fresh milk and are under 100 calories per portion.

Summer memories are always the sweetest when there's ice cream involved.


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