NOW CLOSED: Win a Belling Sensicare washing machine plus a bear, book and swimming bag

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It can be a nightmare trying to keep your child’s favourite cuddly toy clean; they take it everywhere with them, so chances are it's covered in everything from mud to milkshake. But being separated from their favourite toy for a few hours whilst Teddy goes for a spin inside a washing machine can be hard for kids to cope with. The answer? A Belling Sensicare washing machine with a book and teddy to match

According to research done by appliance experts Belling, 72% of parents said they often deal with tears and tantrums when it comes to washing toys. Some savvy parents have even bought matching teddies to keep their little ones none the wiser on laundry day! And despite research showing that 80% of teddies harbour some nasty bacteria, a small percentage of parents admitted that they avoid the tears by never actually washing their children’s toys.

Belling takes care of your bears

Luckily for parents, Belling have launched a bear-friendly range of washing machines. So not only will your clothes and treasured teddies get a really good wash, but they won’t come out worse for wear. These Sensicare models feature around 2000 streamlined holes located deep inside the drum, meaning that all your delicates are protected from any snags or damage. Not only are Belling promising to keep Teddy safe, but they’ve also teamed up with award-winning illustrator Steve Smallman to release an exclusive book to help children through spin-cycle anxiety.

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Teddy Goes For a Swim

Belling’s book tells the story of an adventurous young boy and his favourite toy, Billy the Bear. The pair get up to all sorts of mischief, and Billy inevitably gets a little mucky along the way. So when it’s time for Billy to go into Belling’s Sensicare washing machine, he’s perfectly safe. In fact, he has loads of fun swimming amongst the underpants and socks! You can get your hands on the book, a bear and a matching swimming bag when you buy a Belling Sensicare washing machine at Or, if you’re feeling lucky, you could win yourself the whole bundle with AO’s exclusive competition below.

Win a Belling Sensicare Washing Machine plus a bear, book and swimming bag

If you fancy making laundry days a little easier, are offering Mumsnet readers the chance to win one of Belling’s new Sensicare washing machines, plus their very own Billy the Bear, a copy of the book and an exclusive swimming bag.

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