Win a Béaba Babycook®

Review any dishwasher on Mumsnet this month and you could win a Béaba Babycook®, worth £119

Healthy eating is extremely important at any age - to get all the vitamins and minerals we need - but especially for little ones as they start eating proper food.

The Béaba Babycook® allows parents to choose what ingredients goes into their baby's food, with no hidden sugars or salts. The quick and easy cooking process means less time in the kitchen and more time with family - with meals ready from fridge to highchair in minutes.

Simply steam a variety of nutritional and healthy ingredients (vegetables, fruit, fish and meat or rice, pasta and quinoa) then blend the delicious combination to your preferred texture, whilst retaining all the vital nutrients. 

The defrosting and reheating option is perfect for meal planning. Simply pop the meal to reheat in and steam, safe in the knowledge that nutrients and vitamins won't be lost.

To enter October's Review of the Month competition, simply review any dishwasher over on Mumsnet Reviews.

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Last updated: 5 months ago