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ScottishPower is excited to launch PowerUp: a first for the energy industry which will allow consumers to purchase 'days' of gas and electricity from their mobile via an app

To celebrate the launch of ScottishPower's new model, one lucky Mumsnetter will win a £200 Amazon gift voucher.

ScottishPower hopes that PowerUp will be especially useful for busy families, with an easy-to-use app that's perfect for parents to keep track of their energy usage in between juggling work and the hectic daily routine, and even while on-the-go.

The concept allows customers to top up their energy like they would put petrol in their car. PowerUp allows customers to fill-up their fuel tank - up-front at a set price - with packages ranging from one to 180 days. Customers can then view their usage via the app, allowing easy tracking and understanding of their consumption habits. When the fuel gauge is running low, customers will be prompted to take action, similar to a fuel-warning light in a car. No standing charges are applied, so if no energy is used on a given day, the fuel gauge will not move.

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Neil Clitheroe, Global Retail Director, says: "The cost of energy is a major factor in running a family home, and we believe that the greater control offered by PowerUp will help to encourage savings. As well as being competitively priced, PowerUp is designed to make energy billing simpler to understand and will give customers more personalised information on their how much energy they use, which we hope will drive greater energy efficiency.

"When it comes to paying for energy, most people either pay a flat amount each month by direct debit or receive a quarterly bill in arrears. This makes it incredibly difficult for customers to make the connection between their energy consumption and how much they actually pay.

"But filling up a car at the petrol station is different. When we top up, we don't tend to think about the 40 litres of unleaded in the tank - instead we think about the £50 that it has cost and how long it will last. Our fuel gauge then keeps us right in terms of when we next need to top up. People are far more engaged with efficiently managing their petrol consumption, and we think that will work for gas and electricity at home."

PowerUp is now available to both new and existing ScottishPower customers and offers customers a daily energy price between £2.40 and £2.80; some of the most competitive prices available in the UK. The price changes depending on the package you choose - find out more.

The PowerUp app is available for download on iPhone, iPad and Android.


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