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Whether you've recently spotted your first grey hair, or have been part of the club for a while, here's seven truths behind them and tips on how to switch up your hair colour routine...

1. On average, women start seeing their first grey hairs at the youthful age of 34. Spotted yours earlier? You're not alone: about 1/3 of British women under 30 have already started to go grey. 

2. Grey hair isn't actually grey - it's colourless! - what you're seeing instead is the colour of the keratin. 

3. Melanin - the stuff that gives your skin its colour and determines if you burn or not in the sun - is the same chemical that colours your hair. The more melanin you have in your skin, the more you're likely have in your hair follicles, and the longer you can keep greys at bay. Until your hair loses all the melanin in every follicle on your head, your hair can never be completely white. 

4. Hair sheds approximately every three years and every time it does, these colour-producing cells get worn out. Over time, these cells produce less pigment resulting in grey hairs. Grey hair also becomes coarser than hair with more pigment in it, making it a little more resistant to absorbing hair colour.

5. The age your parents and grandparents started turning grey should give you a pretty good indication of what to expect for yourself.

6. If you're looking to dye your hair but have only just spotted your first greys, you might want to use a demi-permanent as it softly blends away greys and leaves you with natural looking colour and shine.

7. High stress or shocking events have been known to cause changes in hair - from hair loss to change in colour. So when your mum used to say, "You're giving me greys," she may not have been far off.

Regardless, the last thing you need to worry about is grey hair when you have solutions like nice 'n easy. 

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WIN! 25 lucky Mumsnetters will each win a £250 colour consultation package with Colour Me Beautiful - courtesy of nice'n easy.

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  • Colour Consultation; identifying colours that flatter you
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  • Make-up Tutorial; a "hands-off" make-up lesson teaching the skills to apply your daily make-up or create new looks with confidence
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Competition closing date: 21 June 2016

Additional terms and conditions: 1. The 25 winners will be contacted via telephone by 2 July 2016. 2. Nice'n easy will deliver the prize via courier within 28 days. 3. The winner will then be responsible for calling head office, who will put them in contact with their closest consultant. 4. Travel to the consultation is not included in the prize and all other expenses associated with the prize are the responsibility o the winner. 5. The voucher must be used by Friday 30 September 2016. 6. If you win this competition, we will contact you for permission to pass your contact details on to P&G. 

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