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Juicy giants or tiny and super-sweet - every strawberry is beautiful, even the funny little knobbly ones

No matter what your favourite shape or size, if you want your berries sweet from the long days in the Scottish sun, then pick up a punnet in the fresh fruit section at Lidl.

Lidl strawberries are super-fresh, as they're typically transported to store within 48 hours of picking. And it's not just the strawbs - thousands of other Lidl products are sourced right here in Britain, making up 65% of its overall product range.

Once you've picked your perfect punnet, what happens next is up to your imagination. Whizzed in a blender, added to a trifle, or simply washed, hulled and eaten fresh, each strawberry you eat is a taste of quintessential British summer (whatever the weather has in store).

Meet Neil, a strawberry farmer who grows exclusively for Lidl…


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