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100 Mumsnetters were invited to try out the Milton Solo Travel Steriliser and antibacterial surface wipes with their baby

After unanimously excellent feedback, the Milton Solo has proudly been awarded the Mumsnet Best Award. Here's just a small selection of the stellar reviews...

"I wish I'd bought the travel steriliser a long time ago - it's been perfect."

"I was surprised how easy the Solo was to use and I like the fact you can leave bottles in the solution until you are ready to use them."

"I would definitely recommend the wipes and the Solo steriliser - it's great to have the flexibility to use both methods."

"I'd buy the steriliser - it's really handy for travelling and since I only need one cup a day, this is also the perfect size for everyday use for us. Saves loads of cupboard space!"

"I have used this when visiting family - it is easy to pack up with the rest of the bits and bobs that go along with having a baby, and the fact that it is cold water and microwave compatible means it can be used anywhere."

During your child's first 12 months their immune system is still developing, so they need extra protection from germs that may cause gastroenteritis and other nasty illnesses

At six months old, a baby's immune system is at its weakest - and even at one year they will still only have around 17% of an adult's immunity levels. Good hygiene habits, including sterilising baby-feeding equipment, is critical and should be a top priority for parents at this time.

Experts in sterilising, Milton offers a range of products designed to make things easier for parents to protect their little ones. Everything that can go into your baby's mouth should be sterilised - including bottles, teats, soothers, plastics, feeding spoons, teething rings, toys and all your breastfeeding accessories.

The 'Milton Method' of cold water sterilisation is extremely simple and effective in the fight against germs, killing 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Simply use cold tap water and either a cap of Milton Sterilising Fluid or one Milton Sterilising Tablet inside a five-litre Milton Cold Water Steriliser. Once made up, place any plastic items into the cold water solution. In just 15 minutes, all items are germ-free and ready to use, with no need to rinse. As the solution lasts for 24-hours, items can be left inside until needed, and you can remove and put items back in as often as needed for continued sterilisation. 

The Milton Solo is so easy to use - watch the video to find out more


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Plus, Milton is giving Mumsnetters the chance to win a Solo every day until Tuesday 13 September. Simply visit and like the Milton Facebook page, and write 'Solo is ideal to travel' on the page. Milton will pick one winner at random every day. Good luck!

Competition closes: 13 September 2016

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