Win a My Friend Freddy Bear and toy bundle worth over £230

My Friend Freddy Bear is a lovely, cuddly bear with a difference! 

He can talk about the things his best friend (your DC) is interested in, read stories and play games. All this is possible using a free app, which can be downloaded to compatible phones and tablets from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

He's the bear who REALLY knows you!

Simply type in answers to the 50 questions about your child (you don't need to answer them all) - Freddy will then incorporate these details into the things he says. Little ones will be amazed that their bear knows all about them!

There is also an 'album' page for entering information about friends and family, which Freddy Bear will talk about to your DC. Loved ones can even record their own messages for Freddy to repeat.

Fun and games

Activities Freddy Bear has three different types of activities which encourage letter, number and colour recognition, and development of fine motor skills. There are three levels of difficulty for the activities which can be adjusted as the child advances.

Stories There are three interactive picture books in the app, with hidden surprises to explore on each page. Text can be toggled on or off for older children and the app also includes seven audio stories to listen to - great for bedtime.

Cute and cuddly Freddy Bear is lovely and cuddly, with very soft fur. When he's not connected to a smart device, he will still talk when he's cuddled, tipped upside down or thrown in the air. Plus, he has an on/off switch so he can be taken to bed.

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WIN! One lucky Mumsnetter will win a fabulous prize bundle - worth over £230!

The bundle includes: a My Friend Freddy Bear, a Real FX next generation slotless racing set, a My Friend Cayla doll (who understands what's said to her using speech-to-text technology) and a Supersize Thunderbird 2 with TB4 from Vivid's range of Thunderbirds toys.

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Competition closing date: 11 October 2015 

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