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A third of parents are unsatisfied with the Type 1 diabetes support their child receives in school - Diabetes UK thinks this is unacceptable.

Diabetes UK is campaigning to ensure all children with Type 1 diabetes get the care they need at school, so that no child is left behind. 

As part of the campaign, Diabetes UK provide tool kits, online resources (to help both schools and parents care and support a child with diabetes) and advocacy support to parents who need support with their school and training for schools. 

Find out more and see how you can get involved.

The 4Ts are a simple way to recognise the early signs of Type 1 diabetes. 

Toilet - a child is weeing a lot

Tired - a child is more tired than usual

Thirsty - a child is always very thirsty

Thinner - a child loses weight very quickly

If you see the signs, please take your child to your GP.

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