Win a £250 Sainsbury's voucher with JUST MILK

Milk is one of nature's superfoods and just one glass (200ml) of semi-skimmed JUST MILK provides a child with over half of their daily calcium requirements. 

Nowadays it's not as simple as choosing between skimmed and full-fat - there's also the choice between fresh and UHT. But do you know the difference? Watch the video to find out more...

The truth is: there's little difference between UHT and pasteurised milk - both are heat-treated to kill bacteria and improve shelf life. The temperature and duration of treatment is the only part of the process that sets JUST MILK apart from your average 'fresh' milk bottle; but it's much longer shelf life means that it can be transported and stored at room temperature. This lowers its carbon footprint, which is kinder to the planet. 

And, because it's JUST MILK, there's no additives or preservatives, just great taste and nutrients that keep bones and teeth strong - forming part of a healthy, balanced diet. 

You can find JUST MILK at your local Sainsbury's or shop online.  


WIN! One lucky Mumsnetter will win a £250 Sainsbury's voucher. 

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Competition closing date: 14 January 2015

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