Mumsnet Talk - the highlights, best bits and funny stuff

aibu mugAh, the wonderful world of Mumsnet. Where discussions about the capricious antics of toddlers stand cheek-by-jowl with threads retelling hair-raising goings-on behind bedroom doors. Here are some of our favourite contributions to the Mumsnet Talk boards that you may have missed or are looking to enjoy all over again.


mum and baby

Know that you're not alone when it comes to fibbing to children or reacting to the birth of your first child like the opening scene in The Lion King.

Kids, hey?

toddler tantrum

For anyone who's experienced the white-hot shame of a toddler's public meltdown or been anywhere in public with a child intent on sharing EVERYTHING at top volume.

Hacks & tips

surprised woman

Never doubt the wisdom of the Hive Mind: MN is a veritable treasure trove of useful tips, tricks and cheats – peruse some of the very best here.


soft toy on washing line

If everyday life sees you lurching from one disaster to the other then take comfort in hearing about other people's petty annoyances and life-affirming encounters.


reading book in hammock

Whether you're a bookworm, a vinyl nerd, like your movies to be subtitled or simply enjoy weeping buckets to a great song, we've got it covered.


heating socks

As those Swedish sages Benny, Bjorn, Agnetha and Anni-Frid put it "all the things I could do/if I had a little money". Well here's how to make the most of the money you do have.

Mum stuff

pregnant women

Sometimes there are things only a mum could know about…like the STUPID things people say when you've just given birth or how Paul Hollywood and pregnancy hormones don't mix.


break up

Only here will you find people admitting to almost coming to blows with their partners over manatees or trampolines or needing time alone to lust after Benedict Cumberbatch.



What Hollywood's Hedy Lamarr has to do with the internet and how Mumsnet might have panned out back in Shakespeare's Day – let us take you back in time… 



And here's where we've filed everything that's left over…

Bloggers' bits


MN bloggers write brilliantly on parenting, politics and all the juice in between – check out some of their recent posts. 

Ladies' Corner

emily davison

For fragrant types who don't want to change the world or anything. Yeah, right.