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Christmas adverts: why we love them so much

As Buster the Boxer bounces on a trampoline in the new John Lewis Christmas advert, we can finally say that just like the holidays, the festive season is here. We asked Mumsnetters* to tell us everything they loved (or hated) about the festive flurry of commercials heralding the start of the Christmas shopping bonanza the coming of the baby Jesus.

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Despite John Lewis being the ad you'd think kicks Christmas off, most Mumsnetters had a different seasonal television appearance in mind...

That's right. 22% picked Coca Cola's Holidays Are Coming as their favourite Christmas ad of all time.

It wasn't all bad news for John Lewis though. The Long Wait came second with 15% of Mumsnetters picking it as their favourite.

You'll have to cast your minds back for the oldest ad that made the cut - it was the Yellow Pages classic from 1992 featuring mistletoe, a determined young man and a copy of the telephone directory.

The positive takeaway for blue sky thinkers (and other ad folk) is that Mumsnetters are, in the main, favourably inclined towards the Christmas ad in general. 65% said they looked forward to them being screened with 81% crediting the adverts for getting them in the mood and signalling the start of Christmas proper (74%). 

Of course there's always the odd one or two who don't like Christmas ads at all. Fully 5% said such seasonal promotions left them cold.

But they're clearly in the minority as more than half of you admitted you're actually moved to tears by a good Christmas ad.

Particularly this one...

As for the essential components of a Christmas commercial, 50% said good music was important.

And 26% said it had to feature snow in some form.

But it's not good news for elves. Only 1% said their appearance was essential in a Christmas commercial.

*Over 1000 Mumsnetters responded to this survey. Full survey results here.

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