The many ways kids make Christmas utterly joyful 

Ever felt like the endless preparation for Christmas ends up sucking all the fun from the season? That's where kids come in. Mumsnetters share the ways their children put the joy into Christmas

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The OMG it's CHRISTMAS levels of excitement 

Small child says "oh boy" 

"My four-year-old only realised a couple of months ago that Christmas is an annual event (after his Granny commented that putting his shoes on was 'taking until Christmas'). He was so excited - he's still running round telling everyone, 'Do you know, Christmas is coming AGAIN?'"

The endless questions

"My kids remind me that Christmas is about magic and joy with their questions about Santa - 'How do his reindeer fly?... What if Santa gets lost?' These questions open up a magical world where I can make their faces light up in awe. Seeing their happiness and excitement makes all the stress and chaos worthwhile."

Celebrating the little things 

christmas pyjamas

"My son recently told me his favourite Christmas present is his new PJs. All our children love the traditions and rituals we've put into place as a family, like the PJs and getting a new board game to play on Christmas Eve."

Knowing what's REALLY important

Winnie the Pooh getting ready to eat

"My son said to me yesterday, 'Christmas presents are lovely... but the best part of Christmas is the food!'" 

Decking the halls

child and christmas tree 

"Every time we come in the house my son looks in the living room and says with such excitement: 'Christmas tree!' It makes coming home that bit more special."

"Last year my children and I walked round our estate admiring all the decorations and lights (the kids would shriek with excitement every time we spotted a house with lights up). It was simple, free fun and I can't wait to do it again this year."

Singing anywhere and everywhere

Jovie from the film 'Elf' says "the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear" 

"My daughter absentmindedly sings Christmas carols whilst brushing her teeth."

Appreciating the build up to the big day

"I took my mum and child shopping at the weekend. My child kept running up to me and asking if I liked certain things - 'I'm not buying it or anything Mummy but stay away and don't look in Nana's basket!' It's little moments like these that are priceless and make Christmas for me."

The final countdown

'Modern Family' characters say "Merry Christmas Eve!" 

"Christmas Eve is great - we track Santa on the Norad app (the kids know they need to get to bed before he reaches North Africa). But before that they make a runway on the drive with tealights in jars (we don't have a chimney) and leave a magic key on the doorstep so Santa can get in."

The early morning appreciation society

"I love the sound of my kids creeping into each other's rooms on Christmas morning to compare, share and admire their stockings together."

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