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The perfect Christmas cheeseboard

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You can't beat a decent cheeseboard for leaving you gloriously overfed at the end of your festive feast. Here’s how Mumsnetters create the perfect cheeseboard:

xmas cheese Creating the perfect mix is quite a skill, as this MNer can attest

"I sent my husband cheese shopping for Christmas once. He came back with tasty Lancashire, garlic Lancashire, Lancashire with black pepper and crumbly Lancashire. He couldn’t see the problem.”

Start with a few classics...

"Brie - ripe and stinking. Stilton - creamy, not sharp. Cropwell Bishop is always reliable."



"You can't go wrong with a northern British blue: Yorkshire Blue, Harrogate Blue, Shropshire Blue. All good, smelly stuff."



"Vacherin is a classic Christmas cheese."


Image credit: BBC Good Food 


Then mix things up a bit...

"My son and I did some intensive cheese testing today, and found an amazing Elderflower Cheddar."

elderflower cheddar
Image credit: Cost Sector Catering


"Try Tintern - a luscious Welsh cheddar cheese with chives and shallots." 

Image credit: Marcel the Cheese Monger


"Wensleydale with cranberry pleases the hard-cheese lovers."

cranberry cheese


"I'm sure it was a law in the '80s that you had to have Boursin on your cheeseboard, and now I think of it as traditional Christmas fodder."

Image credit: Wikipedia

Don't forget the accompaniments...

"Throw in some bits and bobs like chutney and olives, for added interest."

"Manchego with chilli jam or quince jam is lovely and not too strong. Its nutty flavour is so delish."

"We're hosting Christmas again this year... My first job is to make the chutney."



And beware the Christmas rush...

"Last Christmas Eve I queued for over half an hour just to get into the local shop for my Christmas cheese."

cheese shop 

Pregnant this Christmas? Don't despair, there's plenty of cheese you can eat

"They changed the cheese guidance during my last pregnancy; all hard cheese is apparently fine, including Stilton. Danish Blue is out as it's softer, as are the obvious soft ones like Brie."

"Ossau Iraty is fine in pregnancy, it's my favourite too."


Image credit: Deliciously French

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