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Hosting Christmas

Now that we're firmly in the pre-Christmas planning zone have you honed your hosting skills? Maybe this is the year you're hosting for the first time? Or you might be expecting a houseful of assorted relatives? We've plundered Mumsnet for some cracking festive tips on how to survive the holidays with your house (and sense of humour) intact. So pour yourself a mulled wine and get reading.


Faff-free hosting this Christmas


Whether it's fairy lights that have you in a tangle, or the thought of DIY decorations that makes you despair – allow us to keep things simple. Less faff = more time for merriment.

Laying the Christmas table

Bring out the extra glasses, the sparkles to sprinkle, and (of course) the crackers – Mumsnet blogger Helpful Mum shares her take on decorating the Christmas dinner table.

The perfect Christmas tree

Are you a strict theme-setter or a ‘throw it all on and hope for the best’ type? Mumsnet blogger Let’s Talk Mommy shares her spin on the perfect Christmas tree.

Ultimate hosting checklist

Christmas door

Hosting Christmas and feeling the stress? Don't panic – MNers are on hand with tips and tricks to make sure the festivities run without a hitch.

What kind of Christmas host are you?


Is your Christmas organisation a 12 month plan or last-minute dash? Take our fun quiz to find out what kind of host you are over the holiday season.

The horror, the horror!

Christmas horror stories

Well it just wouldn't be the Christmas holidays without something going wrong. MNers share their memorable festive mishaps and tips on how to avoid them.