Stir-Up Sunday: mouth-watering Christmas pudding recipes

Christmas pudding

If you're making your own Christmas pud this year, Stir-Up Sunday (25 November 2018) dictates that now's the time to get those wooden spoons at the ready. A centuries-old tradition, it tells us that if we start stirring now, the flavours will have enough time to intensify before the Big Day. Read on for some delicious Christmas pudding recipes.

Traditional Christmas pudding

traditional christmas pudding

Traditions are traditions for a reason, right? Fruity, buttery and with a punch of booze, it's no wonder this classic recipe is still in style.

“Absolutely delicious – and if for some mad reason there are leftovers, it can be frozen.”

Cherry and pecan Christmas pudding

cherry and pecan christmas pudding

For a twist, cherries and pecans are a sweet and delicious addition to the traditional mix. It's a little lighter, too – handy, when you've just inhaled 10 pigs-in-blankets.

“I tend to pop mine in the fridge (at the back/bottom where it can be forgotten about until Xmas) – but any cool, dark place is fine.”

Christmas pudding crackers

christmas pudding crackers

Looking for something a little more out-there? Fashion your puds after a pair of Christmas crackers. Just don't tell the toddlers to give them a pull, or it'll be raining raisins.

What Christmas pudding tips do Mumsnetters have?

“I use old-fashioned ceramic white pudding basins, which my mum has had for years. They don't have lids, so we tie greaseproof paper over the top with string. When steaming, keep the level of the water in the pan below the level of the top of the basin, so it doesn't seep into the pudding.”

“The important thing is to let the pudding stand, to soak up all the juices, for 24 hours before you steam it. It's wonderfully moist.”

“I always cook my Christmas puddings in the slow cooker. I use plastic bowls (the type with the matching plastic lids), put greaseproof paper and foil over the top, and then squish the lid on. Pre-heat the cooker on high, then pour in boiling water to come halfway up the pud. After an hour or so, turn the cooker down to medium. I usually do mine all evening and overnight.”

“We have a taste of the mixture, to see if it has enough brandy – but always add another splash for luck. Then we all stir and make a wish.”

Or alternatively…

…if it all seems a bit too much faff for something you can – admittedly – just buy at the shops, how about another family tradition? May we introduce:

Christmas pudding cupcakes

christmas cupcake

A little more manageable in their bite-sized form, these beauties only take 25 minutes to prep and 20 minutes to bake. It's a Christmas miracle.

“They look very festive.”

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