Homemade chocolate gift ideas for Christmas

Looking for homemade presents that the kids can help make this Christmas? Cadbury asked Mumsnetters to share the chocolate gifts they make for the festive season. We'd be happy to find any of these under our tree come 25 December

1. Truffles

“Making chocolate truffles is part of our Christmas Week tradition. We make little gift bags for teachers and friends, and there's lots of bowl licking.”

2. Top hats

“Top hats are a Northern Irish delicacy. Pour melted chocolate in the bottom of a mini bun case, stick a marshmallow in it, dab a small bit of melted chocolate on top of the marshmallow and stick a sweet on top. They look like little top hats and they taste delicious.”

3. Cookies

thumbprint cookies

“We do chocolate thumbprint biscuits and make tree decorations with them for the Grandparents.”

4. Brownies

chocolate brownies

“We use Cadburys Bournville to make chocolate brownies which we then sprinkle with edible gold dust.”

5. Cake pops

chocolate cake pops

“We bake cake pops in our machine and cover them in melted chocolate. The kids love decorating them with colourful, star-shaped sprinkles. Once cooled and set, they are bagged up in sets of six with ribbons around the sticks, for distribution to the neighbours.”

6. Chocolate bark

chocolate bark

“Our favourite is chocolate bark with broken Fudge, Crunchie, white Buttons and marshmallows sprinkled on top.”

7. Rocky road

christmas rocky road

“We make mini Rocky Road bites that I put into boxes with tissue paper and tie with ribbon. Not all of them make it to the boxes – they are too delicious to resist!”

8. Dipped fruit

chocolate dates

“I LOVE making chocolate covered dates with Dairy Milk. I've tried using other chocolate but it never tastes the same. I have to work hard not to eat the chocolate as I'm melting it!”

9. Tree decorations

chocolate advent calendars

“We use the moulds from old Cadbury Advent calendars to make chocolates. Some are just chocolate and others we top with fudge/sprinkles/popping candy. The kids add writing with an icing pen on the front when set and they go in little bags and are hung on the tree.”