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Christmas 2014 TV adverts - the definitive list

You know Christmas is well and truly round the corner when the festive adverts begin popping up on our screens. Herein lies our pick of the best...



Synopsis: Christmas 1914. The trenches. Famous Christmas day football scene is recreated by charming young actors to swelling strings. “Christmas is for sharing” - watch ‘til the end to find out why.

The MN verdict: Mumsnetters were divided; some found it incredibly moving, whilst others found it overly-sentimental - even a trifle exploitative. Here’s one pretty balanced view:

"This is a very moving reminder that every life lost was someone’s 'someone special'. I'm not 100% sure how this relates to Christmas - or in fact to the harsh reality of life in the trenches - but if it gets us thinking and discussing then well done to the creative minds behind this advert."



Synopsis: Jolly motley crew have posh-looking Xmas dinner in posh-looking house. Everyone is surprised and delighted to discover that their sumptuous seasonal feast is from  - gasp! - Lidl.



Synopsis: A group of underage criminals break and enter to adorable effect.



Synopsis: Ellie doesn’t want to make gingerbread. She really doesn’t. But - hang on - what if she goes to Waitrose? What then…?



Synopsis: Lots of people - young and old - all going somewhere to do something at Christmas. Where are they going? Who are they all doing it for? Try not to emote too much when you find out.



Synopsis: Various people collectively realise that the festive season can be made exponentially more fun if we utilise electricity (and go to Tesco).


John Lewis 

Synopsis: Small boy takes CGI penguin friend with him everywhere - often to great inconvenience of others. Things get very emotional at end.

The MN verdict: "They really are buggers, aren't they? I just thought it was rather nice until right at the end, which made me weep. And now I could cry again for being such an easily manipulated sap! <blows nose>"



Synopsis: Peter Andre is in it. And there’s a catch phrase. WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED PEOPLE?

The MN verdict: They were into it -

"Peter Andre at Iceland! What a feast he'll be having with his frozen lobster and 89p pizzas."



Synopsis: Very well-dressed people of above-average attractiveness dance, in slow-motion, to soulful music. Romeo Beckham is there. It’s all extremely aspirational.



Synopsis: Basically, Mulberry bags are better than unicorns.



Synopsis: It’s so important to make someone happy. It’s so important to do it with Coca-Cola.


Mr & Mrs Smith

Synopsis: Mr & Mrs Smith eschew seasonal sentiment for saucy innuendo, and some swearing.




Synopsis: A family crack open the biscuit tin to have a 'sweet' Christmas thanks to a choir of cute animals.






Last updated: over 3 years ago