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Christmas 2013 TV adverts - the definitive list

You know Christmas is well and truly round the corner when the festive adverts are on a loop in every ad break. We've rounded up the much-anticipated adverts of 2013 for your viewing pleasure. Grab the tissues - the John Lewis Christmas advert has the same effect as watching Bambi and the Fox and the Hound in succession...

And join in if you love this year's ads...

...or if you loathe them


John Lewis

"The John Lewis adverts never fail to get everyone talking. So they must be doing something right!"

"I love John Lewis but I don't understand why they want to make people cry at Christmas. What's with the misery music for the last two years? Isn't Christmas supposed to be a happy time?"



"Maybe last year's Asda Mum killed her lazy-arsed husband and is putting her feet up in prison this year, letting someone else do the work for a change."


Marks and Spencer

"We were all mesmerised by the M&S advert, we thought it was fantastic! It was magical, engaging and showed the products..."

"I don't get why her clothes keep falling off."



"Keeping it real – I like it!"






Coca Cola 

"The Christmas season begins when the Coke advert comes on!"


The Co-Op





"The only advert that is any good this Xmas is Lidl's because they are cleverly engaging a new market."








TK Maxx










Last updated: over 3 years ago