12 days of discounts: save £16 on a shaving set at Cornerstone

Exclusive discount: Get a personalised engraved razor and full shave set worth £30 for just £14 with Cornerstone


Cornerstone is offering Mumsnetters the perfect gift for your partner this Christmas:  a personally-engraved razor and award-winning shave set from Cornerstone for just £14. Sign them up and they can then choose when they need more shaving supplies. 

Cornerstone are a young, British start-up offering a new way for men to shave. They deliver their award-winning shaving products to the man in your life - so they never run out of products again. With this special Mumsnet offer, you can sign someone up, pay only for the engraved razor and get the full shave set (worth £30). 

The shave set contains:
  • Engraved razor handle
  • 6 uber-sharp German blades
  • Pre-shave face scrub
  • Sensitive shave gel
  • Cooling post-shave balm

Then whoever you have bought this gift for simply chooses how often they would like more supplies sent to them. And if they don't like their new shave, they can cancel at any time. Simple.

Just click through to the dedicated Mumsnet landing page and your discount will automatically be applied at the checkout. 

This offer is part of Mumsnet's 12 Days of Discounts, giving Mumsnetters great exclusive discounts from a different brand every day until 12 November. Hear about all of the latest deals over here.

Last updated: 5 months ago