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10 items of Christmas tat you didn't know you needed

Well, it wouldn't be Christmas without a bit of festive tat, would it? Mumsnetters share the, erm, interesting Chrimbo items they've spotted on social media. 

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1. Seasonal toilet paper

"I give you, hand-drawn Xmas loo roll. Only £4 plus postage."

2. Sparkly condiments

"Ah c'mon a few glittery bows on sauce. Just imagine how much someone must hate you to give that to you on Christmas Day."

3. A bath puff Christmas tree

"Ooh! A festive body puff in the guise of a Christmas tree! Only...wait for it....SEVENTY FIVE QUID!"

4. This sad mug

"Is it just me, or does this one look photoshopped? Does that mean they haven't actually made them? Are they expecting to sell any? SO MANY QUESTIONS."

5. The Snowman's sinister wooden cousin

"Is the nose stuck on with spray-painted gaffer tape?"

6. A Christmas outfit for your loo

"The description makes it: 'The Elf Toilet Cover is a perfect decoration to cheer up your bathroom. Toilet seat, tank cover, tissue box cover and rug included.'"

7. This candlestick that is definitely not a wine glass

"Ooh - can I offer an attractive tea light holder? It's not an upside down wine glass covered in glitter, oh no."

8. Knitted chocolate covers

"I give you knitted chocolate covers. 6 for a fiver plus £1 P&P. Bargain price to keep your chocs warm."

9. A glittery prosecco set

"For the bargain price of £35, you and your friends or family could be shitting glitter well into the new year."

10. And finally...

"I raise you glowing cherubs in the shape of something strangely familiar..."

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Last updated: about 2 years ago