12 of the worst pieces of parenting advice ever

confused baby

When it comes to parenting, everyone's an expert, right? Well, apparently not, according to these Mumsnetters. From the laughable to the bizarre, here are some of the worst pieces of parenting advice out there. Whatever you do, do not try these at home…

Your jaw will undoubtedly drop


''Don't take your 13-week-old son out for a walk, or to meet up with friends, as 'baby will be much better off in the house all day, so he can focus on mum.'''

On more than one occasion…

toddler eating chocolate

''Setting down a plate of treats and expecting toddlers to share nicely while unsupervised.''

You may even need to sit down

baby biting

''My little boy went through a biting phase. I've lost count of the people who told me the only way to stop him was to bite back.''

We're not kidding


''My mum told me to never let my son sleep in a room with anything plugged into the power sockets. Apparently, there are waves that could affect him.''

Some advice will make you laugh out loud

tired parents

“Have another baby so they'll have someone to play with.”

Others will make you despair

dear god

''When my four-year-old was refusing to brush her teeth, somebody told her: ''Oh don't worry about it, just eat an apple instead. Then you don't have to.''''

You'll start looking at those you trust in a different light

are you drunk?

''Said after getting home on a very hot day: ''Wait half an hour before you feed the baby because your milk will be too hot and it will taste spoiled.''''

And hiding your disbelief will be trickier than expected

baby on toilet

''Hold him on the potty from about three months so he gets used to it.''

You'll hear things you never thought possible

itchy head

“You really shouldn't take them to the cinema as nits live in the seats.”

And you will definitely perform a few eye rolls

tired woman

“Expressing bottles for dad to give means you don't have to wake up through the night.”

Okay, more than a few

baby weighing

''My auntie told me to weigh the baby before and after every feed to know how much she was getting because apparently, she was on the breast too much. She was six-weeks-old.''

But honestly, who can blame you?


''Sleep when they do.''