The weirdest gifts your kids have asked for

Boy opens present

When your child makes a gift request, it’s normal to wonder if your bank account will take a blow. Mobile phones, iPads and other buzzy gadgets usually dominate the wish lists of kids nowadays – but no-one ever expects their child to ask for something as mundane as, say, an egg.

Mumsnetters have been sharing the most bizarre and hilariously random things that their kids have asked them to buy as a present, from parsnips (yes, parsnips) to entire cleaning sets.

Eggs, eggs and more eggs
Boy happily holds egg

“DS is currently going through an obsession with eggs – real ones, chocolate ones, hatching ones, plastic ones with 'surprises' inside. Starting my Christmas shopping I realised just how many of his gifts are either eggs or egg-related (about 50%!).”

PVA glue
Craft making

“Last year, DS asked for 'kids' glue', meaning PVA glue. He was only three and not interested in slime – he just wanted glue for sticking things. We already had several bottles but Santa duly delivered that additional glue.”

A cleaning set (for actual cleaning)…
A cleaning set and hoover

“My niece wanted a cleaning set (the trolley with the broom, dusters, cloths, dustpan etc), an urge she certainly didn’t get from her mother. Not that unusual, you might think? She was only 14 MONTHS. It Was Very Weird. I bought one for her, despite it feeling like all kinds of wrong – best £15 I ever spent, she loved it and their house has never been so clean… Kids are weird.”

…And the means to start a laundry business?
Oprah Winfrey is clearly confused

“DS aged four asked for Ariel liquid and a personal loan. Ah, the power of advertising!”

A doorstop – and a cheeky test of Santa’s existence
A door stop

“DD asked Santa for a doorstop when she was seven, which she put on the list on Christmas Eve (”Because if he is real, he will be able to bring it, Mummy"). I hastily rushed to Sainsburys and luckily found one. She still uses it 6 years later."

All the parsnips – but none for sharing…

“'Parsnip and no one else' was what my son asked for – which turned out meant that he wanted to have parsnip for dinner and for none of the rest of the family to have any. Easily pleased, if bad at sharing.”

…And, more understandably, cheese
Mouse eats cheese

“A friend's DC asked for cheese a couple of years ago. That kid just loves his cheese. Can't fault him if I'm honest.”