Eight moments that made parents wonder "Is it alright to...?"

Parenting isn't easy. Anyone who's been stuck with a teen on a bad day or a toddler on, well, any day, will know that sometimes you'll do just about whatever it takes to get by and hold onto your sanity. O2 asked Mumsnetters for the parenting moments that made them wonder #IsItAlright to…? Hands up if you've been there – this is a judgement-free zone.

1. When you needed those extra Zzzzs

“Is it alright to tell my children that I'm doing important paperwork in the bedroom when I'm actually having a sneaky nap?”

2. When a bargaining chip really was a bargain

“Is it alright that I once bought several advent calendars to last not only through December, but also in to January, February, March and April? That tiny window of chocolate was such an effective motivator for my little one when he refused to comply with my requests to get ready each morning. Oh the joy I felt when I found a bundle of advent calendars reduced to 50p in Poundland.”

3. When you're weren't restrained by the concept of time

“Is it alright that after a very long day of the children squabbling over everything, I put the clock forward by an hour so I could put them to bed earlier and have an extra hour of peace to myself?”

4. When you employed your finest acting skills

“Is it alright that I unplugged the television at the wall and pretended that it was broken? I don’t think they even checked the plug.”

5. When you covered your tracks flawlessly

“Is it alright that when my daughter's tooth fell out just before Christmas we forgot to switch it for money, so instead wrote a note from the Tooth Fairy apologising that it was late. She was (apparently) very busy helping Santa.”

6. When you bent the truth ever so slightly

“Is it alright that every other weekend we tell our teenage children that we're going to the tip when actually we disappear off to the pub for lunch?”

7. When it was not music to your ears

“Is it alright if I put my earphones in during music practice?”

8. When you accepted that when it comes to vegetables, sometimes you just have to make allowances

girl with plate vegetables

“Is it alright to say yes, you may have chocolate sauce on your sprouts if it means you will eat them?”