Eight tips for throwing a brilliant football-themed party

Siblings playing football

Summer is finally here, and the football season is in full swing. Whether you’re celebrating your team’s big game, or you have a mini football fan on your hands who wants nothing more than for Ronaldo to be the guest of honour at their birthday party (gulp), you need to be organised to make sure you don’t score an own-goal. Lidl asked Mumsnetters for their top tips for throwing a great party

Fire up the bbq and feed the masses

“We're going to have a big barbecue party. I'll do burgers, sausages and chicken on the barbecue which I’ll serve with a new potato salad, made with boiled new potatoes, garlic, dill and Greek yoghurt.”

Get creative with the entertainment

“For a kids’ football party, lots of football-themed games would work: beat the goalie, pin the whistle on the referee, goal post piñata (kick the ball at the piñata rather than hit it with a stick.)”

Practicality is always key

“Chips and dips and lots of stuff you can eat without having to look at it in case you miss one second's worth of the game.”

Make it a full day of family bonding

“Football is a big thing in our household. We create home-made pizzas and use the barbecue to make spicy chicken wings for our football-themed party. If the weather is nice, we’ll play football outdoors inbetween matches – if it’s raining then we play FIFA on the games console.”

Ensure everybody is happy

“We’re planning a football party this summer – we’ve even got a projector for the garden. We’ll eat burned burgers, kebabs and guzzle sip prosecco. For the kids I'll make some football cupcakes too and pop up some bunting.”

Expand your culinary skills

“I'd like to serve food from the countries playing in the World Cup. It would give me an opportunity to learn and try some new recipes too – we're in need of a menu refresh in this house.”

When it comes to party favours, think outside the box

“My daughter had a football party one year. Rather than a party bag we gave everyone a giant inflatable football and a pack of trading cards – these went down really well.”

If in doubt, keep things simple…

“BBQ, booze, TV.”