13 things you wish your children loved (but they just don't)


One despairing Mumsnetter asked her comrades to share their disappointment over the things they envisaged their children would love, but they actually just loathe – and we feel their pain. What's wrong with kids today? It's like they don't realise we only had them so we could go to theme parks, watch Pixar films and have a reason to eat marshmallows.

1. A warming hot drink on a cold day

hot chocolate

''Hot chocolate – I always feel like 'proper' mothers give their children hot chocolate when they come in from playing outside in winter. I could make it, but it would never get drunk.''

''Tea – how can I have raised three adult children and not a tea drinker amongst them?''

''My DS doesn't like movies, hot chocolate or toasted marshmallows. Whose son even is he?!''

2. Getting lost in a good book

child reading book

''Reading – at my DD's age, I was reading every Stephen King book I could find.''

''Books – she's still at the stage of finding it hard and is limited to pretty crap books, so it's no wonder really. I loved reading as a child and still do, so I would love her to as well.''

''I love reading to them but none of them has ever sat and listened. They usually start chatting about two lines in.''

3. Specifically Harry Potter. Anyone know any Imperio spells that work?

harry potter

''None of them like Harry Potter. DD watched a bit with me yesterday but got bored really quickly. All the adults in the house like it.''

''I've loved everything to do with Harry Potter since I was a kid but DS thinks it's a bit scary.''

4. Speaking of scary but oh-so-much fun…


''Scary rides! I'd love a family day out to a good theme park but my kids are such wimps. My daughter cried on the young kids' rollercoaster at Legoland. Disney in Florida was such a waste of time!''

''Yes! Theme park rides! We went to Siam Park. Totally amazing but DD hated it.''

5. Doing Christmas Eve PROPERLY


''The Snowman – I just don't think it's as magical for this generation.''

''The Muppets Christmas Carol – every Christmas Eve they promise to watch it and within 15 minutes it's just me left on the sofa.''

6. Taking a dip

child swimming

''Swimming – my oldest DC hates getting his head wet. Bath times are fun.''

7. Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo – how about you? Not so much, actually


''Animals – I can't take him to the zoo but I want to go!''

8. Getting into the Saturday night telly groove


''Strictly – I just want someone to watch it with. Only the dog will sit with me when it's on, and she doesn't care if I think a dance was overmarked or I liked a particular dress.''

9. All the non-gendered stuff we picked to make sure they grew up as feminists!

run the world

“My DD completely refused to use the ENORMOUS train set we gave her; she always finds an excuse not to build any of her many Lego sets; in fact the only building sets she has ever used have been pink and involved fairies. Her favourite birthday present last year was a 'top model' book with real make-up (given to her by a school friend).”

10. Perfectly ordinary food (we aren't talking quinoa falafel here, lads)

child refusing to eat

''My seven-year-old has it in his head that he doesn't like gravy, which is bollocks. He does, but just on chips, or the school gravy.''

''Potatoes – won't eat them in any form, including chips. It's a total pain.''

''Sandwiches – DC1 refuses to eat them. It's a nightmare, especially if we're out and about and want to pick up a quick lunch.''

11. Anything the other kids damn well DO like

child sulking

''Our issue is that we always seem to have at least one of our older DCs who doesn't like any given outdoor activity. Two bike riders, one refuser. Two hikers, one hater. Two keen nature observers, one who'd prefer the TV.''

12. But where there's life, there's hope


''I remember my poor dad desperately trying to get us into birdwatching. We were members of Young Orthnithologists, got taken to lots of very boring hides and nature reserves, and it just didn't catch on. I am 37 now and bought some binoculars last year, so he got there in the end.''