The ultimate guide to living with Alexa

Amazon Alexa device in the home

Decades ago, no-one would have ever imagined that the phrase ‘the other woman’ would someday refer to an automated home-listening device named Alexa. But here we are, and Alexa actually makes a lot of our lives easier. So if you’re thinking of introducing her to your home and family, here are some entertaining tips to help you make the most of her.

She's not great at diffusing the tension
Angry little girl makes face

“My friend has Alexa and mainly uses her to shout abuse at after a bad day at work. Alexa then says 'thank you for your feedback, your views are important to me' – which only enrages her further.”

Stop racking your brains for what you missed
Men in black erase memory

“I love Alexa, particularly the shopping list function. Whenever I use something up, I just say 'Alexa, add flour to my shopping list'. I get to the shop and it’s on all on a list in my phone. No need to wander around trying to remember what I have run out of. ”

She's better than a guard dog
Man sips drink whilst relaxing on holiday

“When I'm on holiday, Alexa makes sure that my lights come on at a certain time each night to make it look like someone is in the house, and then they’ll go off later at a specific time – for security.”

Use her as an early warning system
Time for dinner

“When I’m in the kitchen and about to plate dinner up, I’ll say 'Alexa – turn on the five minute warning.' Lights flash once in every room and the speakers around the house announce, 'food in five minutes'. Five minutes later the PlayStation, all the TVs and all the music in every room besides the kitchen and dining area turn off whether the little s**ts have finished and saved their games or not.”

She's a romantic at heart
Maya rudolph raises her brows

“You can have some fun with her. If we say, 'Alexa, sexy time' then she sets the lights to red and dims them and then plays Let's Get it On by Marvin Gaye.”

Ensure the kids don’t accidentally put you in massive debt
Woman screams 'no' in horror

“You need to make sure you have the automatic ordering turned off so they can't say 'Alexa, chocolate!' and order box-loads directly from Amazon, but other than that she's quite safe. We did try and get her to swear, but she bleeps herself out.”

She's a dab hand at stand-up
Hermione gives a look

“Ask Alexa how long is a piece of string. She has some pretty good jokes, if you like Christmas cracker ones like I do. Mind you, we took to calling her Voldemort (as in ‘she who cannot be named’) so as not to wake her up all the time.”

Voice-control has SO many benefits
Girl screams in excitement

“We have a severely visually-impaired five-year-old daughter. The prospect of her being able to control things with just her voice is very exciting for us, giving her the opportunity to be more independent in life. They're not just gimmicky adult toys, they are the future of accessibility for disabled people. Think of it that way.”

She might just bridge the generational gap
Geri Halliwell and her daughter look at Amazon Alexa

Alexa might be on her way to bridging the generational gap between you and your kids too. O2 and NSPCC have launched a fun Parents v Kids quiz that encourages families to have conversations about their online activity, and it's available to be played on Amazon Alexa. With questions about everything from online safety to social media slang, all you have to do is answer the questions and see who emerges triumphant between you and your kids.