Reasons why back to school is the best thing that's ever happened to you

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Ah the school holidays – halcyon days of bear hunts, picnics and creative activities, right? WRONG. Here’s why Mumsnetters are looking forward to back-to-school.

Firstly, trips to the park are significantly reduced

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“There’s only so much fun you can have standing in the rain pushing your son on the swings over and over and over or watching him on the slide over and over.”

And navigating your childcare arrangements will no longer feel like doing this…

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“I am looking forward to the routine being dictated by school, so that I don't have to put together the fragile jigsaw of holiday clubs and other forms of childcare so that I can work.”

Even teens will be obliged to sleep at a reasonable hour

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“My teens become nocturnal in the holidays. This is a mixed blessing as they wake me up cooking bacon sarnies at 3am.”

Once more, you will come to appreciate the joy of solitude

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“I look forward to having a bath on my own.”

In fact, the house may be whisper it actually quiet

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“I do love that silence when you come back in after the school run. You've got the house to yourself for the first time in weeks and it's just … quiet.”

There will be fewer children toys getting in your way


“The chance to declutter and clean the house properly without having to navigate around 6 million small toys and kids lolling around.”

Depending on your work pattern, you may find yourself enjoying a new-found freedom

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“Had a lovely walk in the sun with friends, managed to bake biscuits, started to clear up the house and more importantly have got headspace.”

You can get back on track with your rigorous fitness regime


“Going running again! Can't wait to start. Can't during hols as no one to take care of the children, and they're too small to come.”

In fact, maybe school holidays aren't for parents' benefit at all

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“I love the school holidays, but then I’m a teacher…”