How to set up parental controls on your children's devices

girl using tablet

Although the internet can be a brilliant place for young people to connect, play and learn, it can feel a little scary for parents when your child makes their first foray into the online world. There are ways to keep your children protected online, however, and most internet companies have free parental control services, enabling you to put limits on the content your children can access. Here's everything you need to know

The prospect of your child can be a little bit daunting BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media have provided step-by-step video guidance to explain how to set up their parental controls, so have a look at the one that applies to your family.

Filtering software gets more sophisticated all the time, so do read your provider's instructions and take a tour around the options to see how to set up your filters the way you want them. And don't forget to think about adding controls to all internet-enabled devices your kids might have access to, such as tablets, mobile phones and games consoles.


You can find more detailed information about setting up and managing your parental controls with BT here.


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Virgin Media

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