How do you get your child to sleep? Mumsnetters share their bedtime routines

Sleeping baby

Mumsnetters have shared their most useful tips and tricks for getting kids to sleep after a long day of chasing after them fun. From a 'magic spray' to night time walks, perhaps there's something in here that might work to calm down your child.

A clean home is a sleepy home
Man hoovering

“Hoovering! The sound works every time when they’re unsettled.”

Head to a spa for the evening
Aromatherapy equipment

“My daughter has additional needs which results in her struggling to get to sleep at times, so for those days when she is keyed up we use an aromatherapy diffuser with lavender in and a weighted blanket before bed.”

A stroke of genius
Baby having a massage

“My 14-week-old son has a bath with his dad, and then we do a ‘body scan’ from head to toe, stroking and saying ‘this is my calm head, calm eyebrows' etc. A sleepy massage oil on his feet, a feed and then white noise to help him sleep.”

I say a little prayer
Girl saying prayers

“We are not super-religious but we do thank-you prayers before bed. It’s normally based on what we’ve seen/done/where we’ve been and who we’ve met that day, so I think it helps my children process the day’s events enough to then relax and go to sleep.”

Your song
Dad singing to baby

“I sing my son, who is 11, his song. It evolved over many years and has been in its current form since he was about seven. I didn't think I'd still be doing it at this age, but it has been really useful as he will talk about anything bothering him at this time.”

Walk off the day
Family walk

“If the weather is not too horrendous, we will go for a walk around six in the evening, chatting and looking at our surroundings. Getting wrapped up and being in the fresh air is so good for us all. We return for a drink of warm milk, a bedtime story and being tucked into bed.”

A touch of enchantment
Perfume bottle

“We have what my daughter calls her magic spray. It's a lavender pillow spray and she loves squirting some on her pillow before bed to help her relax.”

A state of zen
Child meditating

“My son reads for a little while and then uses an app to follow a sleepy time meditation designed for children – works every time and makes bedtime stress free.”