Eight times siblings proved they do love each other after all


If it feels every waking hour is spent attempting to prevent world war three from breaking out in your living room, you might have forgotten that actually, your children sometimes do like each other. Luckily, Mumsnetters are on hand to remind you, with their heartwarming tales of moments of peace and kindness on the front line.

When they shared their knowledge

“I am currently being treated for breast cancer. My seven-year-old daughter has started counselling with the school and learnt about emotions and how to control anxiety and breathing by blowing bubbles. She promptly told me the session was great, grabbed some extra bubbles for her brother, who is four, and taught him the technique.”

When they proved themselves endlessly patient

“My son is absolutely lovely with little ones. He’s a hairy pre-teen, but will always be surrounded by his younger brother and his friends at holiday club and is very patient and kind with them.”

When they were there to guide the way

“My two older ones love their 18-month-old little brother; they always make allowances for being too small to know how to do things. When we go on walks they each hold a hand and he wobbles in the middle, looking up at them. It's very lovely to see and I hope their relationship doesn't descend into squabbles and battles when he's not a little baby anymore.”

When they took a break from wrestling

“My son has just started at the school that my daughter already attends. At pick up, her teacher explained to me that my daughter had been upset because they had a fire drill that day and she had panicked that my son wasn’t okay in his classroom. She had to be taken to see him to be reassured that he was fine and it was just a drill! I try to think of times like these when they have each other in a headlock…”

When they made your life easier come bed time

“My daughter is four and can't read properly yet but sits with her younger brother for hours and makes up stories based on the pictures in books. She was the first one of us to make him laugh and she still always makes him laugh the most.”

When they were each other’s personal security guards

“Whilst mine bicker constantly with each other at home, they are immensely loyal to one another. If anyone else threatens them, the other sibling will respond with rage!”

When they nailed communication skills

“My youngest ran off on a busy road the other day. I told her off (loudly!) and she got really upset. My son, who is six, asked if he could speak quietly with her, held her hand and explained in a very kind and sensible way why she must not run off and why I was worried. He was more adult than the adult.”

When they were planning their fur-filled futures

“Mine have made big plans together for when they’re grown-ups, involving living together in a massive house with their 52 children and 47 animals.”