The ultimate bucket list for kids - 16 things you need to do before they grow up

child in the forest

No one knows how quickly time flies more than parents. One minute you're dragging yourself out of bed for a nighttime feed and the next, it's potty training, school plays and 16th birthday parties. To make the most of those moments before your little ones aren't so little anymore, here's a list of must-do activities, as recommended by Mumsnetters.

Kids and castles are a match made in heaven

child at castle

''I always remember visiting and exploring lots of castles, so I would love my children to have those memories too.’’

Let your little monsters loose at a fun event

country fair

''Go to a county fair or an airshow where there will be lots of things to discover.''

There's nothing quite like your first trip to a theme park


''A big theme park is always a good idea.''

Or the atmosphere of a big event

child at football game

''A sporting fixture or major concert is a must.''

Stargazing will never not be a magical experience

star gazing

''Wait for a clear, warm night, take out a blanket and lie down to look at the stars – it's better when your DC is small and this can be a treat well past bedtime.''

Or exploring the deep blue sea, for that matter

child snorkeling

''Snorkeling in the sea – our eldest did this on one of the Greek islands and he found the crabs and fish absolutely fascinating. It's become an annual holiday activity.''

Getting out of the big smoke is good for the soul

child in forest

''Take them to lots of woods and beaches – somewhere they can connect with nature and run free.''

But there's nothing quite like a big city, too

child in london

''A trip to London to see the famous museums and the Tower of London is a must.''

If you're going to do a seaside trip, go the whole hog

child eating ice cream

''A seaside holiday – beach, rock pools, crabbing, crazy golf, penny arcade and a pier with a summer show.''

And make sure you carve out time for a little bit of panto magic


''A pantomime at Christmas is the best.''

Lace up those walking boots and hit the great outdoors

family walking in the hills

''Trek up a big hill or mountain – Derbyshire, Wales, the Lake District or Scotland are all good.''

You might even want to take a tent with you


''Camping is a big thing – everyone should try it at least once.''

The magic of Disney World is undeniable

Disney World

''Budget allowing, go to Walt Disney World. My parents took me and it was the most magical place. 40 years later I took my own DC and it was just as magical seeing their faces.''

But don't forget the simple things

child at park

''When they ask to go to the park, always try to say yes because before you know it, they will have outgrown that kind of thing forever.''

Remember to look a little further afield


''It's important to get out there and travel as far as you can, even if it's only within the UK – just to show that there is more to the world than the tiny corner you live in.''

And remember…

family day out

''Pick things they will love, not what you think you ought to do.''