What kind of animal mother are you?

When it comes to protecting our little ones, we know parents will always rise to the challenge. But what kind of animal mother are you most like? Take our quiz to find out

1) Your child falls over at the local adventure playground. Do you…

A) Laugh in the hope they'll join in and forget to cry.

B) Reach for a band aid from your bag – you're always prepared.

C) Gather up a group of your child's friends to make them feel better.

D) Get on the phone to the council. This is not acceptable.

E) Look to see if there's something more fun you can do in the park to save the day.

2) Your child has just started crawling. Time to babyproof the house. What’s your plan?

A) If there’s a day-glo, Disney-fied safety gadget out there you have it – the house is babyproofed and it looks rather wonderful.

B) Plan? The house has been babyproofed since the day your little bundle of joy arrived in the world.

C) You’ve sent your OH out with the pram. Now for a happy afternoon in with your toolbox, the music on loud and a bit of light DIY to get your teeth into.

D) This is a job…for someone else. So you’ve co-opted your parents in to help.

E) The minute you suspected this day was coming you bought everything in sight. Now you just have to get it set up.

3) It’s a pretty busy day at softplay. Where can you be found?

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A) In the thick of it, with children crawling all over you. Somehow you’ve become the main attraction.

B) Catching up on all the local gossip over a coffee with the other parents – with a sightline of the ballpit.

C) In and out of the main area encouraging the kids to play nicely, stepping in whenever things get a little too rough and tumble.

D) Depending on the rotation either enjoying a quiet read of your book, or on duty – you drew up a roster so every parent gets a bit of a breather.

E) Hovering around the edges of the play area – last time there was an incident involving the Little Tike car.

4) Your child’s about to head outside to play, but the weather looks iffy. Do you…

A) Go all out – bring out the hose and sprinkler too for them to play with. In for a penny and all that.

B) Grab the rain activity bag by the front door complete with waterproof dungarees and wellies.

C) Turn this into a positive. Rain and a bit of splashing around in puddles sounds great fun. Getting wet won’t hurt them.

D) Ring round to see if anyone fancies bringing their kids round to play at yours instead.

E) Remember that a new child-friendly cafe has just opened, and head there instead for some fun.

5) Back from nursery, your child presents you with the treasure they’ve made at school today. It’s hideously ugly. Do you…

A) Help your child create a special presentation case – for displaying it in their own bedroom.

B) Begin stage one of a four stage plan to move it to its final resting place – the bin.

C) Tell them you just love it and give it pride of place on the bookcase.

D) Say it’s so great that it would make a brilliant present for the grandparents and help your child wrap it up beautifully.

E) Bring out your own equally ugly creation from your childhood – not that this is a competition or anything (it is).

6) Your child wakes up screaming after a nightmare. What do you do?

A) Tickles, blowing tummy raspberries – anything that makes them laugh and forget the bad dream.

B) Quick kiss then let them resettle but with a low light on and the door open so they can hear you pottering around.

C) You snuggle in with them until they’re comforted and fast asleep once more.

D) Make a big show of checking EVERYWHERE – under the bed, in the cupboard – for nasties to reassure them.

E) Bring in their favourite storybook for a familiar tale that reassures them all is well.

7) It’s time to let your child walk to school on their own for the first time. So how does it play out?

A) You turn it into a spy mission. When they reach their destination, they’re going to text mission commander (you) to confirm arrival.

B) You shadow them for the walk up, but so they don’t see you.

C) You’ve informed school in advance and the office is going to call you to let you know they got there okay.

D) You get another parent to keep an eye on them so they feel independent but you feel reassured.

E) You’ve gone through this a thousand times and they’ve got this. You let them go and you stay at home.

8) Your child didn’t get the role in the school play they wanted and they’re gutted. What’s your response?

A) Put your own show on at home instead – making them writer, director AND star.

B) You thought this might happen. Good job that toy has been sitting in your wardrobe for just such an eventuality.

C) Take them to the movies – a bit of escapism is just what’s needed at a time like this.

D) Honestly? Emailing the teacher to see if they can’t find something for them to do that’ll make make up for it.

E) Remind them of their other friends who may be disappointed too – helping them might make them forget their own disappointment.


Mostly As

You're a monkey! You're the fun mum – if there's an easy, fun way to do something you'll find it. That doesn't mean you can't get serious. You do know that the best way to get your kid to do something is to make a game of it.

Mostly Bs

You're an eagle! The eagle mother always has an eye on what's about to happen. Going to rain? You always got a brolly in your bag. Got the sniffles? Here's a hankie. You're also brilliant at watching out for your children from a distance.

Mostly Cs

You're a bear! You might not be the loudest, most outgoing parent but when push comes to shove you're there to step up to any parenting challenge. You prefer situations you're familiar with and once someone gets to know you they couldn't find a better friend in you.

Mostly Ds

You're a lion! Head of the PA, chair of the playgroup committee, volunteer at the playground – if there's a job going that makes you leader of the pack then you're up for it. You can always be relied on to be around for your child but also for their friends too.

Mostly Es

You're an elephant! Obviously an elephant mother never forgets to check her child's school bag for notes about projects/schoolplays/cake stalls etc. You're also a great mum to have in the corner when things go wrong. Woe betide any bullies in the playground once you starts charging!