30 questions parents have about kids' TV

Peppa Pig

If you've ever found yourself wondering how many jobs Miss Rabbit has or why Ryder never goes to school, you're in good company with Mumsnetters who've been asking some searching questions

Was Bing actually the brainchild of Glastonbury revellers?

Flop and Bing

“What is Flop? What species is he? Is he a childminder? Is he Bing’s stepdad who has sole custody after Bing’s mum couldn’t stand either of them anymore and ran away to join the circus?”

“Is Flop addicted to valium?”

“Why does Pando shed his trousers at every opportunity? And why does nobody ever react?”

Whatever happened to the laws of physics?

Ninky nonk

“In the Night Garden, why one minute, is the Ninky Nonk big enough for everyone to go for a ride in and the next, smaller than any of the characters?”

“The Pinky Ponk looks like a giant boob, complete with a nipple. Do you think it’s a subliminal message?”

“Why does Iggle Piggle sleep in the boat, travelling betwixt worlds like a blue plush Grim Reaper?”

“The Pontypines invite the Wottingers to a picnic, but then eat all the food before they get there?! What is that teaching the kids?”

Who is the most annoying character in Topsy and Tim? (It's a tough one)

Topsy and Tim

“Are Topsy and Tim on the same mind-altering drugs as their parents, which induce zen-like cuteness and temperateness at all times and skin and clothes that are impervious to muck?”

“Why are they the size of eight-year-olds? Why don't they act like five-year-olds? I don't trust them.”

And it's not only Justin who's raised a few eyebrows…

Robert the robot

“AIBU to think Robert the robot is a bit too sassy?”

“I'm not really a fan of Robert, but why doesn't he stage an uprising and boot Justin out the house?”

Should we even broach the question of vegetarianism in Peppa Pig?

Peppa Pig

“When they make spaghetti and meatballs, which of their friends do they mince?”

“Why did Mummy and Daddy Pig name George, George, when it clearly doesn’t start with a P? Surely she would have got shot down on a baby names thread for that one?”

“How are Peppa and Suzie still friends after the whistling incident?”

“Why is there a doctor AND a vet?”

“Exactly how many jobs does Miss Rabbit have?”

Or worry about the laissez-faire attitude of Adventure Bay's government?

Paw Patrol

“Why does Ryder NEVER change his clothes or go to school? Where are the authorities? The poor boy needs looking after. He’s carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.”

“Any reason why Mayor Goodway carries a chicken round in her handbag? And how does she get away with it?”

“I could just about get on-board with a super rich 10-year-old living alone with a troop of talking, dexterous, multi-skilled puppies. I wrote off the mer-pup episode as a group hallucination caused by too much wood smoke on the beach – but Adventure Bay robbed of gravity by a floating alien craft? What exactly is going on here?”

Just quietly, are Andy and Jen more than just friends?

Mrs Pickles

“They're friends with benefits – surely?”

“Do you think Jen is in love with Andy? She’s clearly so well-educated but acts like she doesn’t know anything and the way she looks at him breaks my heart. He never notices.”

“Why is Andy's return through the clock and trip back to the museum so ridiculous? Using a reed to jump onto a prehistoric crocodile and into the clock – how?! Lassoing a dinosaur to escape a giant footprint – how?! Utterly ludicrous.”

“Why haven't they fired that bloody caretaker?”

But the question on everybody's lips…
Ben Cajee

“AIBU to have a crush on Ben Cajee? He’s very clean and lovely and I feel happy when he dances.”