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'Inappropriate' Peppa Pig episode banned - again

Peppa pig and a spider

Ever wish Peppa Pig would be pulled off the air? Well parents on the other side of the world have one less episode to endure – goodbye, and good riddance, Mister Skinnylegs

No parent relishes the idea of their children bringing in arachnids, but given that Australia is home to some of the world’s deadliest spiders, a certain episode of Peppa Pig has been deemed more than a little bit hairy.

This is the second time the 2004 episode about Mister Skinnylegs has drawn the ire of Australian parents – they say that encouraging children to play with spiders, as the episode seems to do, is inappropriate.

After a spider enters Peppa's room, Daddy Pig tells her that spiders are “very small” and that they “can’t hurt you”. Peppa and George then pick the spider up, tuck it into bed and offer it tea.

In 2012, the Australian national public broadcaster, the ABC, banned the five-minute episode for sending the message that spiders are friendly and not to be feared. But last month, the episode was aired again on Nick Jr – a children’s channel that is available on the Australian pay TV service, Foxtel.

Following a complaint from a Sydney-based mother, Nick Jr initially refused to pull the episode stating that it met their criteria: “The episode is light-hearted, friendly and very mild in impact; the overarching message of the episode is about respecting all creatures.”

But after being contacted by media, Nick Jr said it would remove the episode from programming rotation.

So, that's one episode gone – only 217 more to go.