How to organise an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party for children

All you need to give your little one a very merry Unbirthday - from invitations and decorations, right through to the party bags

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Announce the festivities in style with handwritten party invites

  • Create scrolls and tie them with ribbon to create a miniature royal decree
  • Cut out the shapes of tea pots, teacups or top hats from coloured paper - a cheap and effective way to tie-in the theme
  • Decorate paper to look like playing cards (or buy a cheap pack) with the party details written on the other side

Costume ideas 

Encourage guests to come as their favourite Alice in Wonderland character, dress up in their party best, or simply wear a funny hat.


Transform your home or garden into Wonderland with some themed props

  • Make playing card bunting to give a nod to the books
  • Hang up paper lanterns to guide guests to the venue
  • Position a toy Cheshire Cat in a tree, to keep an eye on the guests
  • 'Eat me' and 'drink me' labels can be easily made or bought and added to food and drink
  • Search charity and pound shops for cheap, mismatched cutlery and crockery, clocks, silver plates, cake stands and other quirky props for the table setting

Activities and party games


As guests arrive, get them to decorate their own party hat in keeping with the Mad Hatter theme.

Croquet: pick up a set cheaply or craft your own (if you're feeling creative) to match the story with flamingo mallets and hedgehog balls.

Cake/biscuit decorating

  • Buy a pack of plain biscuits or fairy cakes
  • Make lots of different coloured icing (simply using icing sugar, water and food colouring) and put out pots of edible glitter, sprinkles or other decorations 
  • Let the children take charge! You can then put the finished treats in their party bags to take home at the end of the day.

Hire an entertainer: "We had an 'Alice' to visit who also did magic."

A bouncy castle: "You could make a banner for it and transform it into the Queen's castle, or the rabbit hole."

Why not put a Wonderland spin on traditional games:

  • Pin the smile on the Cheshire cat
  • "We played Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush, but Alice themed eg 'this is the way we grow like Alice, shrink like Alice, grow like Alice' or 'this is the way we cry like the mock turtle' or 'sleep like the dormouse' etc."
  • The Queen of Hearts Says instead of Simon Says
  • Chase the White Rabbit 
  • "A Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum three-legged race."

Tea party food

This theme lends itself to miniature afternoon tea treats - simply scale down any iconic party dishes, and don't forget the 'Eat me' and 'Drink me' labels


  • Sandwiches with a variety of fillings, cut into triangles and arranged on a platter
  • Savoury and sweet scones
  • Fairy cakes can be made simply - or shop-bought to save time
  • Jam tarts, in honour of the Queen of Hearts
  • Serve tea, milk, juice and water in tea pots and teacups
  • A cheese and pineapple hedgehog - retro but brilliant
  • You can find moulds in many shapes - a frog or rabbit-shaped jelly will delight young diners (and probably older ones, too)
  • Watermelon slices cut into Cheshire Cat grins

Cake inspiration

Image credit: Cakelicious

A simple sponge cake decorated as the Cheshire cat or a traybake playing card is easy for even a novice baker to master. 

For a stand out centrepiece, layer sponge cakes to create the Mad Hatter's hat, or an impressive teacup cake - both can be shaped simply:

"Use a madeira cake recipe cooked in a pudding basin. You'll find it easier to 'sculpt' any extras as needed if you make an extra cake in a normal tin."

Wonderful gifts for the party bags

Image credit: Simply Spellbound

Decorate plain paper bags to resemble Alice's dress, or get creative by allowing guests to decorate their own party bag. 

Pop a few treats in before they go:

  • a set of bubbles
  • scented or coloured gel pens
  • a small craft set - check pound shops
  • temporary tattoos or themed stickers
  • if the children are a little older, and the budget will stretch to it, a copy of the Alice in Wonderland book

And of course, a piece of cake!


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