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How to help a sick child to feel better

No-one likes feeling ill. Mumsnetters shared with Nurofen for Children their tips on making a child with a high temperature or fever more comfortable

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1. Bring out the blanketsecurity blanket 

"We have a special poorly blanket, it can only be used when you're poorly. They love it."

2. Fetch the felinechild with cat 

"Our cat is a must for the poorly cuddles"

3. Whisk up their favourite beverages

child ill with lemons 

"My son likes me to make him my special honey and lemon drink"

4. Know that jelly makes EVERYTHING betterbowls of jelly 

"Jelly can be really hydrating especially if they are a bit off their food and drink."

5. Turn the lounge into another bedroomboy sick on sofa 

"We bring the duvet downstairs on the sofa to snuggle under." 

6. Colour bomb the bathchild in bath 

"Make a bath with food colouring in it! Cheers them up no end."

7. Blow hot and coldhot chocolate 

"Let them eat a mixture of ice cream and hot chocolate to help manage temperature fluctuations."

8. Serve up their favourite foodtomato soup and toast 

"We watch a DVD of his choice and nibble on comforting foods such as tomato soup and toast."

9. Take a tip from the older generationsick child forehead 

"Stroking their forehead helps, as my grandfather did for me many years ago." 

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Last updated: about 1 year ago