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10 ways parenthood has changed you

Parenting might be tough, but Mumsnetters share the ways having kids has also helped them access their more sensitive sides 

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1. More squeamish


"Since having children I have become squeamish. When my teenage son broke his arm, I could not bring myself look at it. When it was being set in plaster, as I sat in the room averting my eyes I spied a gigantic pair of bolt cutters and promptly fainted."

2. More censorious


"If I'm watching a film I have to Google it and read the plot to make sure nothing bad happens to the children. I even had to stop watching Game of Thrones - which was one of my favourite programmes before kids!"

3. Less strict


"I've always been a softie, but when it comes to my own kids I can be far too soft. I have to fight with myself not to give in to them on a regular basis!"

4. More touchy-feely

"I wasn't a hugging person until I had children. Now I hug them and my husband all the time and it spills out to other people too. I'm much more likely now to give a friend a big hug when greeting them."

5.  Less of the stiff upper lip


"If I see any young person succeed on TV, from the X Factor to Bake Off to the Olympics, I'm in floods. 'Why are you crying?' asks my eight-year-old, in disgust. To which I reply, 'Because their parents must be so proud of them!'"

6. More empathetic


"Once I had children I was much more sensitive to any news concerning children. It's almost like I now have an affinity with any child that is hurt or upset because I can picture how I'd feel if it was my own child."

7. More philanthropic

"I support children's charities more now as I can't bear to think of children who aren't loved and cared for the way children deserve to be."

8. Less anxious


"I've just become much more lighthearted about the things that used to wind me up before."

9. More perceptive (and sensitive)


"I'm able to read body language a lot better now, but have also become more sensitive to noise."

10.  And a WHOLE lot more supportive


"I'm much more sensitive and supportive to others now. The mum you see who's just about to have a melt down in the supermarket with a toddler in tow - once upon a time I would have walked past her, vowing to never be a parent like that. Three little ones and many, many supermarket tantrums later, you can now find me nodding, smiling at the mum - a secret code as if to say, 'I know how you're feeling right now!'"

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