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Children play the funniest things

Searching for an insight into the mind of a child? Start with the weird, wonderful and downright hilarious imaginary play scenarios they come up with

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1. The one with seriously intense bouncers

"My daughter likes to put on pop concerts and shows with her My Little Ponies and Barbies, then asks her brothers to bring in their Action Men and soldiers as 'security'."

2. The one with a historical slant

"We bought a big tub of Mega Bloks and my husband asked our three-year-old daughter what they should build. She looked him in the eye and said 'the history of Rome'. It's become family legend."

3. The one with a change of career for Darth Vader

"My son knew the names of Star Wars characters long before he was old enough to watch any of the films. He therefore had to fill in the gaps from what he did know from CBeebies. My personal favourite was the time Darth Vader delivered the post to Yoda, like some kind of intergalactic postman."

4. The one with a very different Disney sequel

"My husband once found our eldest son lying in bed, legs in the air while his three brothers helped him 'give birth' to a large number of soft toys, each of which were lifted in the air after being 'born'. They were playing 'Lion King in labour'."

5. The one with regimented fun 

"My daughter and my three stepsons made a 'hotel' for me and their dad to check into. At first we played along quite happily, but then we realised they had the whole day scripted. There was a check in, a room inspection, a show, a restaurant - that was a LONG day."

6. The one with the spider-boy

"My son was wearing his spider costume - I hadn't heard anything for a while so went looking for him. My daughter had put the clothes basket over him. I asked her what she was doing and she explained she didn't have a glass so she had put him under the basket until Daddy put him outside."

7. The one with Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood

"My youngest decided to get everything out of the kitchen cupboards, and then I heard her muttering 'I don't want to get booted off'. I asked her what was wrong, her reply was 'Oh Mum, now you've come along my cake isn't going to win the GBBO!'"

8. The one with Debbie in Customer Services

"When my son was younger, he'd inform me every morning before nursery, 'My new phone/iPad/vacuum cleaner is getting delivered today. Someone needs to be home to sign for it so please don't go out anywhere!' As soon as I collected him each afternoon: 'Did it arrive? Oh I can't wait to get home!' As soon as we arrived home: 'Oh I don't believe this! They've sent the wrong one!' 

This was followed by him furiously dialling a number into the palm of his hand, putting the hand against his ear and then pacing the living room, gesticulating wildly while he talked to 'Debbie in Customer Services' - 'It's just not good enough, Debbie...' It went on for months."

9. The one with One Direction

"My daughter was in her room pointing at her bed saying 'You need to stay there. I love you very much and you have to stay'. When I asked her who she was talking to, she said Harry Styles was there, and she had tied him to the bed so he couldn't leave her. I nearly choked laughing."

10. The one who wanted to be just like Dad

"Our funniest incident has to be when my daughter was pretending to fix her Cosy Coupe car. She started kicking it saying 'bloody thing' and 'useless crap' - when I her told those were not nice words to be using, she turned to Daddy and told him off. A very sheepish dad decided not to do any car repairs within her earshot again."

11. The one with the remarkably accurate portrayal of construction

"My sons like pretending to be builders. They won't tell me what they're building, but keep saying 'It's a big job'."


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