Help your child grow their imagination

child pretending they're in a rocket

When your child's mind runs at 100 mph every day, it can be pretty hard to keep up. It might seem like they’re away with the fairies more often than they’re on Earth, but letting their imagination run wild now could prove useful in their future years.

So prepare to enter a world of pure imagination, because we've paired up with Kinder Surprise to show how you can help your child unleash their creative side. No golden ticket needed.

How to be imaginative with kids

In this video, Mumsnet influencers offer some handy tips to help you successfully nurture your child's imagination. Unstructured play, the freedom to travel anywhere their imagination takes them, and an abundance of toys and materials will all help. Our video explains how a hands-off approach is beneficial – which is great news for parents who just want to sit down and have a cup of tea!

Imagination according to kids

By combining three enticing elements – chocolate, surprise and toys, Kinder Surprise provides kids with a world of fun. In this video we’ll show what happens when Kinder Surprise toys are used to inspire your child’s imagination. We gave the toys to parents and their children and asked them to unleash their creative side, partnering with an illustrator who captured the toy's tale on to the page. Watch to see what they conjured up.