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Cough syrup recalled over mould risk

cough syrup recall

Parents are being told to check bottles of own-brand blackcurrant cough syrup from multiple retailers due to risks associated with an ingredient that can allow harmful mould to grow

An ingredient used in eight own-brand blackcurrant cough syrups has been found to cause mould to grow, which medical experts advise could make children unwell or cause a reaction.

No cases of illness resulting from the mould have yet been identified, but supermarkets and pharmacies stocking the syrups have recalled the products as a precaution. Although the chance of illness or reaction is slim, children who have recently taken any of the cough syrups that have been recalled should see a GP or pharmacist at the earliest opportunity.

The UK body which regulates medicines said the cough syrup bottles should be returned to the shop or pharmacy where they were bought. The mould cannot always be seen, so the advice is to return the cough syrup whether or not you can see any evidence of mould forming.

The list of affected products are:

  • Asda Children's Dry Cough Syrup Glycerol Blackcurrant Flavour – batch 274V1, 276V1, 278V1, 283W1 – expiry dates 01/08/2020, 01/10/2020, 01/12/2020, 01/02/2021
  • Bell's Healthcare Children's Dry Cough Glycerin 0.75g/5ml Syrup – 280V3 – exp 01/12/2020
  • Morrisons Children's Dry Tickly Cough Glycerin 0.75g/5ml Oral Solution – 282W1- exp 01/01/2021
  • Numark Children's Dry Cough 0.75 g/5 ml Oral Solution – 280V1, 288W1- exp 01/12/2020, 01/04/2021
  • Sainsbury's Children's Dry Cough 0.75g/5ml Syrup – 275V1 – exp 01/09/2020
  • Superdrug Children's Dry Tickly Cough Glycerin 0.75 g/5 ml Oral Solution – 280V2, 284W1- exp 01/12/2020, 01/03/2021
  • Tesco Children's Dry Cough Syrup – 277V1, 278V2, 281W1 – exp 01/10/2020, 01/12/2020, 01/01/2021
  • Wilko Tickly Cough 0.75g/5ml Oral Solution – 275V2 – exp 01/09/2020