Toyota Yaris

The Essentials

  • Price from £10,695
  • What Car? says: 3 star rating
  • Fuel economy: up to 80.0mpg
  • What is it? The Toyota Yaris is a roomy and well equipped supermini that comes with excellent reliablity credentials
  • Your Reviews

    "Bigger on the inside!"



    I love my yaris. Had it 8 years ( bought second hand) now and done 90000 miles in it. It's only had one repair on top on the usual oil/wipers/break replacements. My mum has the newer model & it doesn't appear any less reliable.
    It's currently doing 51.4 mpg ( love the little computer that tells me this!).
    I've crammed all sorts into it over the years, the seats move to make the boot bigger/smaller and I've had suitcases, child's bike & car seat in at once.
    It fits a erf seat and has isofix.

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    "Excellent mums' car"



    I had my last Yaris for 8 years, in all that time I only ever had one problem - a slipped clutch. This cost about £100 to fix, and that's over 70,000 miles. However, my car was written off by a speeding ambulance (I was stationary at the time). Despite being hit at full force, my daughter and I walked out completely unscathed. The car was a total write off though. I now really appreciate its 5* safety rating and am in the process of buying another one. It's reliable, safe, very easy to drive and park. You sit slightly higher up, so you have good visibility. It is also very economical and great on petrol consumption. (Recently been given a corsa and a fiesta hire cars, and they used loads more petrol than my Yaris despite having similar engine sizes). Yet, for a smaller car it is not at all tinny and does not feel cheap. It is a nice ride. Would highly recommend.

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