Renault Twizy

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  • Price from £6,690
  • What Car? says: 2 star rating
  • Fuel economy: up to 0.0mpg
  • What is it? All electric urban runaround, best limited to sunny days
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    "Renault Twizy ZE"



    Renault Twizy ZE – Supplied by Holden Group, Norwich

    Pouring rain! A perfect day to test a ‘car ‘ with no windows? In fact yes. If it can satisfy in this weather, then anything goes.

    A Renault Twizy arrived at my house the other day for a test, delivered by a nice man from Holden Group, Norwich, and it was brilliant.

    Okay, it was bit noisy, a bit bumpy and a tiny bit wet and windy but what would you expect?

    This is not a car, it is a fun, simple and very well implemented tiny electric runabout. Not a hybrid, not something that you need a special charging point for, but a proper, whizz-about plug it into a normal socket for a few hours to full type fun buggy.

    I am over 6’ 2” and there was more than enough height and legroom to drive and, surprisingly, even enough in the back (though only small bumps would be tolerable).

    Nippy off the line, really responsive handling, a minute turning circle and good brakes make it confidence-inspiring and simple to drive. Press the button and go!

    Round town, it certainly draws looks, (mostly of envy, but all smiling), and you can park it pretty much anywhere.

    Out on the dual carriageway at a maximum of 52mph, and easily maintaining it, there was not a moment when it felt inadequate, small, or uncertain. The truth is that it felt will a proper little ‘car’, surefooted, well placed on the road and with presence beyond its size.

    After a fairly heavy-footed 30 miles of mixed main roads, dual carriageway and city streets with speed bumps and the like, there was still a good charge left, so I would have no hesitation in recommending it as a practical daily option.

    If you accept the Twizy for what it is meant to be, it is a real choice for those living in town or with a limited daily commute, of say, up to ten miles or so each way.


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